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25 Χρόνια Όμιλος ΑΠΟΨΗ

APOPSI IT Services is part of APOPSI Group of Companies, founded in 1999

The company provides services and innovative IT solutions. Its activities include the study, design and implementation of integrated IT solutions for the Private and Public Sector, the development and distribution of web and software applications as well as the development and support of e-learning solutions.

Smart City Solutions

By providing innovative solutions, our company helps local governments leverage wireless technologies to connect and improve infrastructure and quality of life for both residents and visitors.


E-learning Services

We provide you with technological solutions for Asynchronous & Synchronous Online Education including online video conferencing platforms and the development of e-courses and webinars.


E-Mentoring Services

Our counseling is offered through e-coaching using electronic software or e-mail with ease as the need for physical presence is eliminated.


Web Applications

Application development and construction services, tailored to the requirements of your business activities to choose the one that suits you most easily according to your needs and goals.


Our Services

The company's executives are in daily search for innovative solutions and best business practices, so that our services fully meet the requirements, needs and vision of each customer individually.

Development of Web Systems and Applications

Best Practices

APOPSI has collaborated with a variety of institutions and organizations covering their business needs.

Ministry of Finance Portal

APOPSI S.A. developed the central portal of the Ministry of Finance, successfully implementing the physical object of its contract with it.


Development of Remote Lighting Management System

The solution is mostly aimed at the lighting networks managed by local authorities per country.